Once upon a time, I was obsessed with movies.  I would see almost every film as it was released.  I would spend the entire day at the theatre.  I took pride in building a movie collection that the American Film Institute would be proud of.  But as of late, I have been apathetic about the quality of movies released.  And the actors who formally have shined on the big screen have moved to the series format to create meaningful and endearing characters that have audiences hooked.

The good news is television programming has never been better.  Tonight, the 66th annual Emmy Awards will celebrate excellence on the small screen, but the talent and quality that has been showcased over the past year in television is second to none.

 The big category of the night is Outstanding Drama Series.  America fell in love with the secret world of Walter White and Emmy sweetheart Breaking Bad is nominated for its final season. Mad Men, currently in its last season,  has been nominated for every Emmy since it’s conception, but has been seriously over looked in the past.  Downton Abbey is an addicting highbrow soap opera that carries viewers on a journey through touching performances. Game of Thrones is a cult phenomenon that keeps you guessing – who will be killed off next?  Netflix has redefined hour long drama with House of Cards, the fast paced political drama that glamorizes Washington politics while making Macbeth look like a sissy.  My favorite is the suspenseful thriller True Detective; this year belongs to Matthew McConaughey.

There are a few other stand out nominees that I believe should be noticed.  American Horror Story, nominated under the miniseries category, has enlivened the psychological horror genre.  Jessica Lange gave three unique, masterful performances three years in a row.   Another Netflix standout is Orange is the New Black, abundant with strong female characters and exceptional performances.  From HBO, The Normal Heart is sure to take the award for Outstanding Television Movie; based on the play, it highlights the plight of people dealing with AIDS in a time where paranoia and prejudice clouded thinking.   

I look forward to watching the spectacle of the Emmy’s tonight, making my predictions and of course critiquing the fashion.  Cheers to quality programming and the future of television!      



One thought on “66th ANNUAL EMMY AWARDS

  1. Looking forward to the next season of house of cards. It has been somewhat of a shocking past two seasons!! It makes you think how our government really operates.


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