Giving Back

Creating bright, successful, young minds is the key to our future.  It is imperative that all children have the same opportunities and resources to achieve their full potential.  This is the main principle behind the I Have a Dream Foundation.

Based on the same ideals held dear by Dr. Martin Luther King, the organization empowers children in low income communities to achieve higher education by providing them with guaranteed tuition support and equipping them with the skills, knowledge and habits they needs to gain entry to a higher education and to succeed in college and beyond.  Statistics show that only fifty percent of students in low income communities finish high school and only one in seven graduate college.  The I Have a Dream foundation has double or tripled graduation rates in communities where they are present.

Started in 1981 by business man Eugene M. Lang, the I Have a Dream foundation encourages students to dream their own dreams.  To date, over 200 programs across the United States have thrived and benefited over 15,000 dreamers.

This weekend, I am donating profits from the sales of my Chloe and Isabel jewelry line to the I Have a Dream foundation.  Please check out my online pop up shop for fabulous jewels to benefit a fabulous foundation.  Let’s sparkle for charity!!!



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