I love a good scare. Every October, I search the box office and Red Box to find the perfect movie to get me into the Halloween spirit.  Sadly, it is very easy for a movie to go from suspenseful to cheesy fast.  It’s all about suspending the viewers beliefs and questioning their reality.

My favorite scary movies all have one thing in common – they led me to believe they could actually happen.  Of course you need committed actors and realistic looking scenery, both of which are sometimes hard to come by in this particular genre. Most of my favorite scary movies helm from a foreign country; maybe not knowing the context of dialogue enhances my viewing experience.  The ten movies below each left me with a visceral reaction that lingers still.

Let the Right One In (Let Me In)

The Shining

The Ring (Ringu)

28 Days Later

The Conjuring


Paranormal Activity

The Blair Witch Project



What movie haunts you?



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