Here’s to 2015!

Happy 2015 Everyone!!! I hope the new year brings you laughter, luck and love.  Looking ahead to all that the new year may bring is important.  The ritual of creating new year’s resolutions helps keep us motivated and moving forward.

I have recently stumbled upon the Passion Planner, which has rocked my first week of 2015.  I can already tell it will help keep me organized and accountable.  I love that includes the strategy of mind mapping, a creative way to organize ideas, goals, and dreams.  On the first few pages, you are asked to create your own passion road map, a wish list for your future.  Here, you are encouraged to dream big!  There is also a few pages to recap the previous month, while evaluating whats working, improvements and gratitude.  I’m so excited to fill mine up and conquer my dreams!

I am also working on an inspiration board for 2015.  There are so many things I want to accomplish this year.  By putting together a visual wall of goals and images, I’m hoping it will serve as a daily reminder of the path I am on.  I have chosen photographs, words of wisdom, illustrations, and articles and laid them out as a collage.  It is an ever evolving project which I can mold and shape as I hone in on my dreams.

I encourage everyone to take a few moments to ask yourself what you want from the new year.  Put it in writing.  Go out and conquer your goals. And keep sparkling!

The necklace featured is the Bouquet Rouge Long Pendant from Chloe and Isabel.

The necklace featured is the Bouquet Rouge Long Pendant from Chloe and Isabel.  Click on the picture to go to my online boutique.


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