Sometimes I feel I am the only lady alive that does not like to get a manicure or pedicure.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I believe that well groomed hands and feet are a common and necessary courtesy.  Once a year, I will convince myself that I deserve to be pampered; it usually falls on a special occasion.  I build up the idea of primping and pampering that will occur and I am aflitter with anticipation.  And then I enter the salon. Disappointment.

Perhaps it’s the countless 20/20s I’ve seen uncovering the dangers of unsanitary salons.  It could be the hard sell of all the added benefits they would like to add on.  Maybe it’s the sad fact that I have no idea what the employees are saying.

The truth is, I can do it better myself.  My tips are easy.  Hydrate your hands and feet.  Not just on the day you decide to groom yourself, but everyday.  Cut and file your nails to a  length and style that appeals to you.  The filed, pointy nails might be fierce on Beyonce, but they do not work in my life.  Push back your cuticles and buff your situation.  When I paint my nails, I do 4 coats: base, 2 of color and clear top coat. TAKE YOUR TIME.  And finally, clean up uneven edges with a cotton swab soaked in polish remover.

I am currently LOVING the brand Julep.  The colors are totally on trend and they recently released a brush topper that makes application effortless.  Named the Plie Wand, it angles to you hand and helps steady your brush strokes. Genius! And for a limited time you can get a free Julep polish with orders on my Chloe and Isabel boutique of $100 or more!  What could be better than polish and sparkle!

Julep Nail Color in January, Jardins du Trocadero Ring, Color Code Bracelets

Julep Nail Color in January, Jardins du Trocadero Ring, Color Code Bracelets

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The fashion world has lost a true icon.  Beloved by fashionistas, brides, starletts and everyone in between, Oscar de le Renta was a true artist.

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1932, de la Renta moved to Madrid when he was 18 to study the masters of painting.  After falling in love with fashion, he worked for Balenciaga and Lanvin before launching his own label in the sixties.

Most recently, he dressed Mrs Clooney, Amal Alamuddin in two effortlessly chic yet intricate and sophisticated emsembles.  She told Vogue Magazine, “George and I wanted a wedding that was romantic and elegant, and I can’t image anyone more able than Oscar de la Renta to capture this mood in a dress.”

His legacy will live on in the beautiful confections he created and the millions of women who have been touched and inspired by his genius. As I reflect on the life and creativity of Oscar de la Renta, I will remember his motto, “Live, love and laugh.”




Nothing tops off the perfect outfit better than a well thought out and beautiful accessory.  Recently, I have fallen in love with the Chloe and Isabel line.  The line is the brain child of Chantel Waterbury who spent 15 years working for design heavy hitters such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co, and LVMH.

Branching out on her own, she was inspired by the “friendship philosophy.”   The idea that two friends can have totally different personalities and styles, but can still be inspired by a passion for fashion and self-expression.  Chloe is a fearless fashionista, always in search of the newest, hottest trends.  Isabel is a timeless, classic beauty who appreciates enduring sophistication and well-crafted simplicity.  But don’t think you have to be pigeonholed into one or the other.  I have a little bit of both within me!

Hand designed in New York City, the hypoallergenic, nickel free, lead free jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee so you can enjoy your favorite pieces forever.  There is a great range of styles and prices starting out at $18.  Check out my boutique at  and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or may be interested in hosting a party to earn free jewelry!





Each year around this time, I eagerly await a special delivery.  With baited breath, I approach the mailbox hoping that today is the day when I’ll receive the inspirational, pure joy that is the September Issue.  If you are unaware of what it is I speak of, it’s the fall fashion edition of Vogue Magazine.  800 pages of pure pleasure and the arbiter of everything au current.

The problem I run into is how to utilize the inspiration of these pages when I live 1,640 miles southwest of Manhattan. How can a southern girl addicted to fashion translate them into a style that works for a climate that is still 90 degrees in October?  The other road block is the designer prices.  Most pieces showcased in popular fashion magazines run well out of the budget for most Americans.  If one does splurge on Dior, Dolce & Gabbana or Chanel, there is probably little to no money left in their paycheck to do much else… let alone eat!  And let’s face it,this girl likes to eat.

“The best trends are worth following on if they work for us.  Fashion is not about perfection.  It’s about life.” – Alber Elbez, Lanvin

Of the endless fall fashion trends seen on the runways in New York, Paris & Milan, there are a few that I deem adaptable for a southern fall.  Let’s skip heavy knits and shapeless, baggy layers.  Let’s forget about trends from the past that were resurrected – grunge, swinging sixties, and dresses over pants.  And let’s embrace the sophisticated side of fashion.

The runways showed several classic trends that are very adaptable into a fall wardrobe.  Hemlines were seen in two variations.  If you have legs like a race horse, go ahead and rock those micro-minis.  I adore the lady like hems that fell just below the knee.  Fringe is everywhere this season, from dresses to purses you pick how you want to incorporate western into your look.  Leopard has been a staple in past seasons and it’s back again for fall.  Go for either a bold statement such as a Leopard print dress or try just a hint with a great pair of leopard pumps.  And as always, heavy sparkles help you make a statement all you own.  Check out my boutique at Chloe and Isabel to find the perfect baubles for your fall wardrobe.

The one trend that I am on the fence about is Normcore.  Normcore is a merging between normal and hardcore.  It signifies a movement to unpretentious looking clothing.  A lot of designers showed their take on this, and although I appreciate a streamlined classic piece of clothing, I believe fashion loses a bit of pizzazz when we all look alike.

As you build your fall wardrobe, remember that the only thing that really matters is that you feel comfortable and beautiful.  Our glow should radiate from within and our style should be the cherry on top.

Looks from Michael Kors Fall 2014

Looks from Michael Kors Fall 2014

Looks from Michael Kors Fall 2014

Looks from Michael Kors Fall 2014





My generation of ladies grew up with the fantasy of nights spent out at fabulous restaurants & clubs, a rotating closet of designer clothes and Manolos, and friends with fabulous jobs that didn’t seem like much work.  I’m speaking of those ladies who were addicted to the generation defining Sex and the City.  We lived vicariously through Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha and the mirage of extravagance.  Although the series has been off the air for 10 years(!), you can now have your own little piece of Carrie through Sarah Jessica Parker’s SJP shoe line.

Sarah Jessica Parker was seen at Nordstom in Houston’s Galleria Thursday, August 21, signing  purchases and greeting patrons with her gracious smile and genuine personality.  This is her 2nd line for the brand that was launched earlier this year.  SJP is her new passion project and she approaches it as a privilege to design a product that is well made, fashionable, and will be a friend of yours for decades to come.  Made in Italy, and sold exclusively at Nordstrom, the SJP shoe line is a must have for your stylish wardrobe.

Below Right: the Carrie Below Left: the Alison *My covet worthy choice

Below Right: the Carrie
Below Left: the Alison *My covet worthy choice


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